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interpreters.ch is remote-ready. We do not simply offer a stock solution, because every meeting has its own requirements. We work with our established technical partners as a one-stop shop to provide a carefully tailored package for each project. Ultimately every solution – on site or virtual – is only as good as the interpreters recruited and the technology is no more that the means for conveying the translated message.

The internet is awash with online platforms offering rock-bottom prices amid fierce competition. They can only do so because they mostly use untrained interpreters from low-wage countries who the client never gets to see. Choose to work with inter­preters.ch on your RSI project and you can rely on the consistently dependable and proven teams of qualified interpreters that we recruit for all onsite meetings. As ever the interpreters.ch team is there to provide sound advice and support as your project takes shape.

interpreters.ch is a boutique operation, not a megastore. When dealing with us you always speak to the same person, who understands your needs and can talk you through each stage of the project, from first enquiry to post-event debrief. Inés Martín and Christoph Renfer own and manage interpreters.ch. They are working conference interpreters and consultant interpreters, making their expertise available to you. They possess in-depth knowledge of the conference and interpreting scene within Switzerland and abroad and are able to satisfy the most exacting brief.

interpreters.ch guarantees complete confidentiality of all information entrusted to us or the recruited interpreters. Not only does the law protect such information; the duty of confidentiality is also at the very heart of the Code of Professional Ethics of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). If required, we and our interpreters are happy to sign an additional non-disclosure agreement.

interpreters.ch is a member of Calliope-Interpreters, the only truly global network of independent consultant interpreters. Working with our partners we are able to organize teams of qualified interpreters in any country, professionals who will meet your usual exacting standards. Anywhere in the world.

interpreters.ch is not in the business of providing anonymous internet interpreters, whose qualifications and professional skills you cannot verify. We know all our interpreters personally or on the basis of reliable recommendation and experience. Whilst you can easily use an app to book a taxi from A to B, recruiting teams of interpreters is a great deal more complicated as it involves far more than straightforward logistics. Recruitment depends on considerations such as experience, technical know-how, reliability, networking and personal contacts. That is exactly what interpreters.ch offers with its customized language service for your event.





Since taking over from the Iris Vonow Interpreting Agency interpreters.ch has established itself as a leading provider of professional conference interpreters in Switzerland and internationally.

interpreters.ch does not adorn its website with clients' logos, because we see discretion and confidentiality as the backbone of our business. We can of course supply personal, authorized client recommendations on request.


Christoph Renfer

Born and raised in Riehen (Switzerland), studied in Zurich, Paris and Washington D.C. Married to Inés Martín Vedder. Father of Maja and Max.

Qualified translator and interpreter (graduate of the Zurich Interpreting School), practising conference interpreter (German/English/French) and AIIC consultant interpreter. Member of Calliope-Interpreters and member of AIIC.



interpreters.ch is a one stop shop for your language needs. Depending on your requirements, we can provide a tailored interpreting package that includes: simultaneous interpreting equipment, sound systems, advice on venues and written translations.

interpreters.ch thanks to our membership of the international network of interpretation service providers Calliope-Interpreters we have direct access to professional interpreters in the world’s five conti­nents. We are also members of the Inter­national Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).



Whispered interpreting (aka chuchotage)

Whispered interpreting requires no equipment, so can be considered for at most two listeners; the interpreters whispers the interpretation into their ears.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter sits with the parties at the negoti­ating table and interprets consecutively or by whispering, whichever is appropriate.

Remote interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) is the solution if it is impossible to travel to a face-to-face meeting. The interpreters can work in hubs or, in extremis, work from home by being connected to a virtual meeting. RSI is technically more complicated than traditional on-the-spot interpreting and any project therefore requires comprehensive and expert consultancy and support.



Inés Martín Vedder
Christoph Renfer

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